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How to use Facebook to boost your search ranking

Want a quick, easy way to increase your Google search ranking? You need a vanity URL for your Facebook pages.

Like a vanity license plate, a vanity URL on Facebook tells the world a little something about you. When you sign up for a Facebook account, you get a randomly generated Facebook address that looks something like this:


Hey there, Mr/Ms 123456789, good to meet you!

Facebook doesn’t make it easy or obvious that you can change this to something more personal, nor do they really tell you how. If you search Facebook for ‘vanity URL’ you will not get anything useful. I’ve tried it. I always have to search the internet for the one article that explains how to do this. I did it again this weekend for the Massage Therapy World Facebook page so I’m just going to document it here for my future reference, and yours.

Why page rank matters

So why do you want your practice to rank high on Google? If someone in your town wants a massage and searches the internet for ‘massage therapy Hillsboro OR’, they will likely call the one of the therapists on the first age of the search results. You want to be on that first page and to do that you need to use all the tools available.  A vanity Facebook URL is a free and effective tool that takes 10 minutes to set up.

The vanity URL has your name or your business name associated with it and will increase your SEO (search engine optimization). So you need to get your personal page and your business page their own vanity URLS. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

First, you’ll need at least 25 friends or fans before you can set your vanity URL. If your business page doesn’t have 25 fans, get all your friends and family to ‘Like’ that page and get to that magic number.

Step 2

Log in to Facebook

Step 3

Go to http://www.facebook.com/username/

Step 4

Set your personal page vanity url with some combination that looks like your name. Make sure it’s spelled correctly before you finalize it, because you can’t change or edit it once you’re done.

Step 5

Click on “Set a username for your pages”

Step 6

Select the page you want to edit from the drop down list

Step 7

Enter your first choice in the box.  The screen should look like this:

Facebook vanity url edit screen

Step 8

Click “Check Availability”

Step 9

If the name is available, check the spelling. You can’t change or edit the name after this step.

Congratulations Mr/Ms 123456789, you’re Somebody!

Step 10

Don’t wait to do this. It takes less than 10 minutes. Do it now.

Step 11

When you’re done, come back here and leave a comment with your new Facebook vanity URL. That, too, will help drive your search rankings.

6 Responses to How to use Facebook to boost your search ranking

  1. Question….should the username for a business/fan page be identical to the business name or can/should it reflect city/massage, etc. How will this effect the name of my Fan page if different?

    • Allen – For the Facebook link, I would recommend you use your business name. Facebook links won’t rank very high for city/massage searches, but it will help fill out the search page with your business when someone searches for something close to your business name.

  2. i think i already have this. i created a business fan page. it has my biz name. maybe i’m thinking too much. my facebook biz page is body and mind wellness spa.

    • Kim – right now your page is still showing the id=?number, so you might try walking through the instructions again.

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