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It’s back to school season.  The office supply stores are filled with eager kids getting brand new notebooks and No. 2 pencils with perfect erasers and no teeth marks.  You can smell that “fresh start” scent everywhere you go.

I’m back to teaching at the local massage school

For years, I was the business and ethics instructor at Bodymechanics school in Olympia.  The school was bought by my friend Shari a couple of months ago, so I’m back teaching again.  Only this time, I’m teaching Anatomy and Pathology.

I love teaching.  More specifically, I love to watch people learn.  I love that look that passes across their eyes when they get something.  Teaching ethics is especially fun.  You get to have long, deep conversations about topics that have no absolute right or wrong answer.

The other thing I love about teaching is how much I learn.  Every question raised by a student has the potential for me to dig a little deeper into a subject and pull up something new.

Sometimes they question the rules, etiquette, and norms and, if they aren’t just arguing to be a pain in the ass, this can lead to a healthy discussion about how those rules and norms can to be.  I’ve had long, fruitful discussions about clothing that lead to some interesting explorations of boundary issues.  Good Times.

A student’s point of view

I had the idea to find a student and have him/her write a weekly post about the experience of going to massage school.  But an enterprising student beat me to the punch.

LMT or Bust

Kat had been looking for a blog for massage students and was disappointed that there wasn’t anything out there that met her needs.  So she started one.  She’s been writing like crazy and putting up some great content.  She has VIDEO, for cryin’ out loud!  And a cool picture of a cervical incision stitched up.

But she hasn’t told anyone about it, yet.  Kat found Allissa Haines, over at Writing a Blue Streak, and Allissa introduced her to me.  Allissa and I have made it our mission to get you to read her blog.  We might even just outsource all of our writing to her, she’s that good.

I expect to learn a lot about teaching by reading her blog.  I expect to have a few good laughs, too.  I’ll also become a better writer.

If you are thinking of becoming a massage therapist, teaching massage therapy, or want to reminisce about your school days, head over to Kat’s new blog: LMT or Bust!

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