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Weekly Wrap up – Something to Read on the Plane edition

So, you’re headed off to the AMTA convention in Minneapolis.  You’ve packed your pencil skirt and red peep toe shoes, which all the cool kids will be wearing, and you’re looking for some good reading material for the flight.

I’ve got you covered, because I’m all about helping you out

You’re busy writing the text for your web page.  Let’s see:  buzzwords – check, jargon – check, client testimonials – check, waste of time – check.  Read this post by Copyblogger on how to build credibility with your sales copy and go back and edit your web page copy.

Writing a Blue Streak talked about Groupon, discounts and value this week.  Allissa sure did spark a passionate and informative discussion on Facebook over this post.  What, you don’t follow Blue Streak on Facebook?  Are you mental?

They say that life is about the journey, not the destination.  Considering that the destination is death, then I’m all for dawdling on the way there.  In a similar vein, are you done learning?  Do you know everything you need to know?  Want to know?  Probably not.  The wonderful Kat, over at LMT or Bust, talks about continuous learning, or as she calls it “Capacity Building.” Go learn from this student.

I’d like to think there’s not such a huge gap between the students and the pros. That one day we’re a bunch of uneducated yahoos, and the next day we’re “trained.”  There comes a point where I get to earn a living doing this stuff, but I sure hope I get better as the years go on, or I’m going to be very disappointed in myself!

I guess I’m not as starved for time as I think I amMen with Pens is going to guilt me into closing the LolCats tab on my browser and doing some actual work.

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