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Who sets the minimums for massage education?

Representatives for all of the major massage organizations are getting together, again, this week. I’m of the opinion that this is generally a good thing. When all of us are working towards a common goal, the chances of success are a lot higher.

But, not all is sunshine and rainbows. Go read Laura Allen’s blog post to get the full details.

My biggest concern is that one of the organizations, the ABMP, has created a proposal for minimum education standards for massage schools. As a massage educator and a member of the profession, I would usually get behind this sort of thing. However, the ABMP has made the proposal for inclusion in the closed door meetings with the following wording:

There is no step in this proposal to obtain input from the broader massage profession or from other health-care or bodywork organizations during this project. The reason is simple—the work group is simply performing a work task in writing learning outcomes and objectives for job tasks defined by surveys already conducted by FSMTB and NCBTMB. It doesn’t matter what stakeholders, or other groups think should be taught or shouldn’t be taught. 

Did you catch the money quote? “ It doesn’t matter what stakeholders, or other groups think …”

Um, yes, it does matter. The stakeholders, your dues paying members, massage professionals, educators, and school administrators all have a stake in the outcome. That’s why we are called ‘stakeholders’ and you ignore us at your peril.

Any organization who ignores the stakeholders risks becoming irrelevant.

So, go read Laura’s blog post. Leave her a comment or come back and comment here. What do you think?

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