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Most of us have requirements for continuing education in order to maintain our licenses. We take CE courses from approved providers. We spend our hard earned money and our free time on classes.

There are other opportunities for learning. Many cost little more than a book and there are a growing number of courses that are free.

If you haven’t noticed, there is currently  a revolution going on in online education. Universities are making their course content free. More are putting entire courses online, also free. There are no grades or degrees available with these classes, but so what?

Continuous Learning

As an adult learner, I have no need for a degree. I have one. I have no need for grades. I either learn the material, or I don’t.

What I need is knowledge.

Business knowledge. Computer skills. Writing skills. Skills I can use in my business or in my life.

I love to learn; it’s probably my favorite activity. Whether it’s some obscure fact I pick up in a magazine, a documentary about life around the hot vents at the bottom of the sea, how neurons transmit signals: it’s all good.

Learning is good for the brain

Science is beginning to show that using your brain throughout your life helps keep it young and healthy. A brain isn’t a muscle, but it seems to benefit from a regular workout, too.

I’ve been enjoying several courses from Stanford University (yes, that Stanford). The courses are free and are being taught through a site call Coursera. I’ve taken a couple of computer programming classes and I’ll be taking a humanities class this summer. The instructors have been top notch: professional educators who seem to enjoy experimenting with online distance learning.

This isn’t Continuing Education. I can’t apply it to renewing my license. None of the courses I’ve taken are massage related. But several of them provide me with usable business skills. All they cost me are some time.

I’d like to encourage you to look around at what’s available and take a class or two. Here are some links to get you started:

Coursera – offering classes in Healthcare, Humanities, Computer Science and Mathematics

Khan Academy – Need a brushup on algebra? Or maybe Macroeconomics.

Udemy – offers both free and paid courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare – Health sciences, engineering, and pretty much every course you could take at MIT is available on their website.

– Ryan Hoyme has videos covering almost every technique and business topic you need and want to know.

YouTube – there are a lot of tutorials and how-to’s available on YouTube.

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