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Embedding YouTube videos in your website

Maybe you don’t want to write every blog post. Or maybe you want to demonstrate a stretch rather than just describe it. That’s what’s great about YouTube. If you have a smart phone with a video camera, you can make a video and post it up on YouTube.

YouTube allows us to “embed” videos into our websites without using up a lot of bandwidth or storage space on our servers. Embedded video appears to be playing from your website even when it’s not. So when someone clicks the Play button, they don’t navigate away from your website.

Just follow these steps:

1 – Find the video on YouTube

2 – Right below the video you’ll see a button labelled “Share”. Click on it.

3 – Copy the code in the box.

4 – Paste this code into your website. If you are using WordPress, you’ll do this in the HTML tab of your Page/Post editing window.

And that’s it. You can see, I’ve followed these steps and embedded an interview I did with the MassageNerd.

What good is Video?

YouTube gets a lot of traffic. It’s one of the most heavily searched sites on the internet. If you have a useful video, you can get traffic to your site from YouTube. Sometimes, some things are better demonstrated than discussed.

Do you have any videos on YouTube? Have you considered getting them on your website? It’s pretty easy.

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