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Here we are at the end of another year. With 2013 quickly closing in on us, I’ve got some end of the year reading for you. Looking at all the online marketing experts’ sites and predictions, it looks like 2013 will be the year that

Content Marketing will be dominant

Enough of your EDM (exact domain match), keyword stuffing, crappy backlinks hoarding, and general SEO silliness. Google’s fuzzy animals, Panda and Penguin, have made those techniques useless. Damaging, even.

Nope, this is the year that all those blog posts, that well crafted copy on your website, and your ability and willingness to tell people about it will vault you past your competition.

What’s ahead here for 2013? Well, I’ll be focusing on helping you with your online marketing efforts, including blogging, content writing, and having a website that helps get you clients. I also have a couple of guest bloggers working on some posts that should help all of us with promotion and marketing. These are people that I follow around and try to pick up whatever scraps of knowledge I can.

I’ll also be pointing out excellent posts and bloggers you must read. People like Allissa Haines, of course, but there are others coming up and I’m really excited to see so many MTs blogging for the profession. It’s about time, eh?

Enough teasers, here’s some reading to get you ready for all the good stuff coming up in the next year. The future is around the corner – see you there!

If you use Facebook to market your business, you’ve probably seen the Insights data. Freelance Switch has a nice article about how to use that data.

Here’s a link to a Content Marketing Infographic describing some of the issues businesses are having with content marketing. It shows that many of the businesses are struggling with producing engaging content and enough content.

Reiterating some of this data, Social Media Examiner examines B2B (that’s Business-to-business) marketing. I know, you’re all like “why would I care about b2b?” If you market corporate chair massage or are trying to get into companies’ wellness programs, then you should care about B2B. The big surprise is LinkedIn.


Content marketing will dominate in 2013 (you can hold me to that prediction). If you’re trying to figure out how to get started, or you’re a little nervous about giving it a try, check out the free 10 Part Tutorial that Dawn Barclay and I put together on Business Blogging School, it’s called How to Knock Blogging Fears on The Head. Let’s make 2013 your most successful year yet!

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