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Show your business some love this February – Blog

Last August, I mentioned that I was going to be taking on a challenge to blog every day for 31 days. I invited all of you to join me. And over 60 of you did!

What became of all of those bloggers?

I’ve heard from several of them who have seen some pretty amazing outcomes because of their business blogging. One has a new corporate contract because a local health care facility found her blog. One has a new writing gig because her posts demonstrated her writing skill and style. One has new clients because his website now ranks better in Google. One got back into her writing habit.

More stories pop up every week. More massage therapists are making use of this wonderful marketing tool called blogging and it’s helping their bottom line.

We’re not talking about professional bloggers.

These are not people who only blog for a living. These are people who blog to support and marketing their living. People like you!

I’m inviting you to join our next blog challenge!

This one will take place in February. It will only require 20 posts in 28 days – we’re giving you weekends off. Show your business some love this month and join us. It’s a great way to kick start the blogging habit and increase the content on your website.

February Business Blogging School Blog ChallengeThe challenge won’t cost you a dime. Dawn Barclay and I are coordinating and coaching you through the month. We have a private Facebook group setup where you can ask for help and make suggestions to your fellow challenge takers (is that a word?). The group will even help you promote your blog posts. And it’s all FREE.

Are you ready to do some serious marketing for your business? Are you ready to get and give some help to your colleagues? Sign up here.

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