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Weekly Wrap up – let’s start 2013 off right edition

It’s the start of a new year! A lot of you have made resolutions. Some of you have created a list of goals.

No resolutions!

I’m trying something new this year. Instead of resolutions, I’m concentrating on 3 words. Everything I do, business and personal, should be in support of those 3 words. Rather than a rigid list of rules I have to follow, which go out the window if situations change, I have 3 guiding principles to help me decide on a course of action. I’ll let you know how they work out.


Meantime, there’s some fun stuff to read and some serious stuff to read this week. AND something serious to listen to! Wow, a feast for the senses!

I know some of you are crafty, so that makes this post on DIY Massage Products from Massamio all the more fun. I make my own face cradle covers, but their diy one is perfect for chair massage gigs.

This is the year to get serious about a) getting a website, b) updating your website, c) begin blogging and/or d) get serious about blogging. It’s all about content marketing, not keywords, and great content is the best ROI you can get from marketing. But what is content marketing? I answer it here on my website design blog at Pint Sized Sites.

Christopher S. Penn, from Awaken Your Superhero, has some good suggestions to get 2013 off to a good start, including making some backups and changing your passwords.

This is a very good article on pricing tiers on The Middle Finger Project. I’m going to have to rethink the pricing strategy on my web design site.

Our weekly Seth Godin is actually a podcast! Michael Stelzner, from Social Media Examiner, interviews Seth. They discuss “Seth shares his experiences of having an idea and going for it, even if you think it might fail.” It’s audio, so you can play it while doing other stuff.

I’m curious to know which of these you liked the most? Which did you find most helpful? Let me hear it in the comments section below.

2 Responses to Weekly Wrap up – let’s start 2013 off right edition

  1. I love the Middle Finger Project. At least the two blog posts I’ve read, including this one. Her pricing strategy is smart because it’s giving options, but simplifying the decision, which most people want.

    • Ben – you’re right, most people want fewer choices. There have been a lot of studies that prove that out. Still, I need to be reminded of it on occasion.

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