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Online Education – the Flipped Classroom

We need to bring learning

As part of my series on online education in massage therapy, I’m looking at how other teachers are using the internet in their teaching. I’m bringing that information to you.

I was talking to Annie Lacroix, of the Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy, recently and she mentioned that she uses a “Flipped Classroom” in her massage school. Being curious, I did a quick search for what that is. It was so intriguing, and I think it’s so very useful, that I wanted Annie to explain what it is and how she has used it in her school.

We jumped on Google Hangouts and recorded the discussion. Some of what we discussed:

  • What is a flipped classroom?
  • Why did you decide to try this?
  • What are the benefits to the students?
  • What is the student feedback?
  • What are the benefits to the instructor?
  • What does it take to begin?
  • Do you get any pushback from the students?
  • Can it be applied to Continuing Education classes?
  • and more

Better learning retention

Annie has found that the students long term retention of the material is improved.

Greater student and instructor enjoyment

The class isn’t just one long lecture. Students can immediately engage with projects to reinforce the learning and the instructor can monitor what they are learning rather than just talk.

Watch the video and here about Annie’s experience with this and how you can use this in your teaching.

And thanks to Annie for your time!

Coming soon: links and resources to help get you started on incorporating the flipped classroom in your courses. Plus, Annie and I will be talking again about this topic.

So, ask Annie your questions here. She has promised that she will answer all of these in our next conversation.


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