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The problem with DIY websites

I know a lot of you are using the free websites available through AMTA and ABMP, or maybe you’re using Weebly, Wix, or WordPress. I’m really glad that you are taking advantage of internet marketing. After all, almost 80% of your potential client base is using the internet to find products and services.

There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty, either, although I’m still not a huge fan of the free AMTA and ABMP sites, but money doesn’t grow on trees and WordPress.com, Weebly or Wix with a custom domain is not a bad solution. Especially for those of you who get sweaty palms thinking about the technical, geeky stuff that comes with creating a website.

The DIY websites take care of the geeky stuff

like installation, setup, settings, and updates. That can help bypass a big source of stress for a lot of small business owners. We have enough stress in our lives, just trying to do bookkeeping, laundry, marketing, networking, newsletters, and all the other millions of tasks that come with running a massage practice.

Having something that takes one source of stress out of your day should be celebrated. If you don’t have a web designer that can help, then the DIY website providers are your best choice.

So you sign up for an account, pay the small extra fee for a custom domain (it’s worth the money, trust me), login in, pick a theme, click on “Add new page” to start work on creating your Home page.

And that’s when it hits you:

What exactly should you put on the Home page?

So you get up, make a cup of tea, grab a snack, and settle down in front of the computer. You still have no clue what to put on that home page, so you check out some of the massage therapists’ sites in town, and kind of copy what they do.

Now you just need to do the same for a few more pages and you’ll be done with that website.

You’re going to need a lot more tea.

I design a lot of website for massage therapists. I’ve even salvaged some sites after they got scammed by someone in the industry. I know what you’re up against. No one teaches this online marketing stuff in massage school. Ok, I do, and I know Allissa Haines over at Writing a Blue Streak does, but we’re definitely in the minority.

And this gets me back to the point of this blog post:

What is the problem with DIY websites?

When I talk to business owners who are trying to create their website content, I get the sense that they are just as lost as you are trying to figure out what to write on their website.

They have a blank sheet of paper, a lot of confusing articles and blog posts on what to put on their website, and an empty WordPress or Weebly site they have to fill up.

So, they delay a bit, walk around the office, make some tea, eat some snacks and finally resort to copy and pasting from other websites. And they hope that it works.

You just can’t get away with that anymore.

Website visitors have seen a lot of websites by now.

They can recognize a good website from a bad one and they really have little patience or interest in sticking around if it’s bad. And don’t even think about using autoplay on videos!

So the result is that the DIY websites don’t tell you what to put on that website or how to make that content great.

So you end up with a website that might look pretty, but it never really brings in any customers.

So the real problem with those free and DIY websites is: They don’t work!

All that time and effort wasted on a website that doesn’t work. That makes me very sad because I hate to see someone spend time and money on this terrific marketing tool and not have it bring them any business.

That’s why I created a course that will walk you through creating website content, step by step. Content that your website visitors will connect with and love. Content that will get them to do business with you.

I taught this course once before and the students who worked through all the material have seen it work. I use these same concepts when I’m creating a website. (Psst, some of this stuff works for flyers and newsletters, too).

This is my secret sauce.

I’ve spent years studying web design and content marketing. I’ve bought books, taken classes, and attended seminars. I’m putting everything I’ve learned and used into this course.

I’m not holding anything back.

If you are ready to get your website working and bringing in business, then you don’t want to miss this class.

A website that works

10 weeks, 10 lessons, lots of support and real actionable work to give you:

A Website That Works

Registration is now open and we begin on December 1st. Why not start 2015 with a better, more effective website?

Your massage practice deserves a great website! If you are ready to make it great, click on the link and sign up or read more details.

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