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Kelli Wise, BS LMP

kwiseLicense MA00022573 (Washington State)


Engineering Background

Before I became a massage therapist, I was an electrical engineer and engineering manager in the high tech world.  Yes, I’m a geek.  I’ve designed consumer products, business products, managed teams of engineers and quality assurance technicians and was even Director of Engineering (which I left for a 30% raise and a less impressive title).  I’ve worked at a couple of businesses you’ll recognize:  Tandy (Radio Shack’s design group), AT&T, and Intel (the computer processor company, not the government intelligence community).  My years as an engineer allowed me to spend a lot of time in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  I’ve eaten great food, met wonderful people and had an opportunity to be a foreigner experiencing a very different culture.  I highly recommend it!  I’ve had the opportunity and challenge to work with some of the planet’s smartest people and hopefully they’ve gained at least a fraction of what I did by the encounter.

I’ve organized conferences and spoken to audiences of over 500 people.  I guess I’m a natural, or as one of my students put it I “love to talk”.  I also discovered that I love to teach.

Web Design

I’ve been designing websites for internal and personal use for years and have recently started designing and fixing websites for local businesses.  If you’ve got a website whose code is getting a little creaky, I can help.  I’m not a graphic designer, so for big redesigns that require a lot of graphic design, I usually bring someone in to help.  My specialty is WordPress, html, css and javascript.


I taught business, ethics and communications at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage.  This gave me the idea for this blog.  Most of the students were overwhelmed with other course work and very few of them had any business or technology experience.  After graduating, many found they didn’t remember everything taught or there were things they needed to know that couldn’t be taught due to time constraints.  I’ll meet with them over coffee or lunch and try to help fill in the blanks.  So why not do it for a larger audience?

I offer continuing education classes.  I currently have classes for ethics, boundaries, and professional roles.  The realm of social networking, Facebook and the like, present new ethical questions and concerns for many professions and, like them massage therapy is struggling to catch up with the changes in technology.

I want to help you succeed.  Why?  Well, I like to teach, I believe in the efficacy of massage, and I can’t massage everyone who needs it, so if I help you then, in a way, I can massage everyone who needs it.  I’ll just be using your hands.

Like many of you, I came into this profession as a second career.  I have a lot of previous experience that can be applied to the massage profession.  I’m also continuously learning, so I’ll be sharing some of that with you in the future.

Business Owner

I have a private practice.  You can see details at Mountain Shadow Massage.  I’m also a partner in the local indoor climbing gym, Warehouse Rock Gym.  So that’s me.


  • I’m an affiliate with Amazon because I buy books from them.
  • I’m an affiliate with LunarPages because I’ve been using them for my web hosting for years. They are inexpensive, have lots of features, are easy to use, and have great support.
  • I’m an affiliate with NameCheap because that’s where I buy my other domain names.
  • I’m an affiliate with Headway Themes Premium WordPress theme. That’s what I used to make this site. It’s easy to use and make great looking pages.
  • I’m one of 4 owners of Warehouse Rock Gym
  • I design websites.

"Dream large, laddie!" - Local Hero, 1983