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Narfle the Garthok!?

What the Coneheads can teach you about your marketing materials. You’ve spent days writing and re-writing the text for that new sales brochure. You’ve proofread the matching text on your website and tweaked all the formatting. Hours have been invested, the local printing company has charged you a few hundred dollars, you’ve spent even more… Continue Reading …

Are referral rewards programs legal in your state?

I ask, because I recently discovered that in Washington state, they aren’t. In fact, giving a client a monetary award, whether a coupon or gift certificate, for referring their friends to you is a class C felony. Now, I’ve read the RCW’s (Revised Code of Washington) and WAC’s (Washington Administrative Code) concerning massage therapy, and… Continue Reading …

"Dream large, laddie!" - Local Hero, 1983