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Help a fellow MT

I rarely ask people to donate for any cause, so when I do, it’s because it means something to me personally. My friend Shari could use your help Shari Aldrich and I went to massage school together. We both had day jobs in the tech sector and we were both burnt out. We worked all… Continue Reading …

Contingency Plans

A story Here’s something I’ve kept under my hat for the last 3 years: my father had cancer. While he fought the good fight, it’s been obvious for the last year that he was losing the battle. In October, I managed a trip home to visit him. He’d just had another bad couple of weeks… Continue Reading …

The Best Advice I will ever give you

But first a story. Years ago, I was just a young pup, 2 years out of college and working in my second engineering job. I still had 3 years left to pay on my student loans, I drove a car with no air conditioning (in Florida!), and my entire household possessions consisted of a set… Continue Reading …

"Dream large, laddie!" - Local Hero, 1983